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Welcome to the Middle East Seismological Forum (M.E.S.F)

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MESF, is a Non-Profit Scientific Cyber Forum that provides a One-Stop Web Source for authoritative earthquake information on the Middle Eastern Region’s seismicity, seismologists and ongoing scientific activities for a better interaction and integration with the international seismological communities.

MESF aims to cover a wide variety of multi disciplinary earthquake subject areas, such as seismology, earthquake databases, earthquake engineering, preparedness, coming events, agencies, associations and human resources, and the publishing of recent local scientists contributions on the region, and related topics that relates scientific research to development.

MESF serves in the capacity of an information conduit for scientific activities related to research, data acquisition and publications on the Middle Eastern Seismicity, Seismic Hazard and related Earth Science disciplines.

MESF will serve as a Research Center Without Walls that introduces scientists of the region to each other. Researchers and Scientists can then cooperate and exchange knowledge without regard to their geographic locations or logistical limitations. The absence of a dedicated facility for the region necessitated this endeavour.

MESF thrives to be the focal point, for the ongoing academic journals and bulletins involved in publishing seismological and geophysical research on the region It would publish the contents of recent issues of national journals, and therefore serve their objectives of disseminating local original research to the world scientific community.

MESF should provide the organizational framework for joint scientific projects in the region. Seismologists, Geophysicists and other Earth Scientists can interact, share data and access digital libraries and other dedicated websites for pertinent real time data much needed for research.

MESF avenues for further development will grow through mutual participation and enthusiasm of interested scientists and researchers of the region.

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